Monday, September 26, 2011

Pretty Petals

I've worn nipple petals in the past as an understructure, but I was reintroduced to them as a pastie replacement earlier this year. It was time for the Laugh-In Show and I forgot my pasties. Lili keeps a spare pair of pasties or petals in the show kit, so I grabbed the nude petals. Isabella Starr painted a design on them and they looked fabulous.

Tonight I'm doing a number where I need unfettered boobs to get that two-kittens-wrestling-under-a-sweater look. I don't need the pointy silhouette of a pair of pasties. The mister took some colored markers to these petals so they'd match the colors of my costume. They'll work perfectly. Sure, I can't wear the same pair more than once (they're disposable), but I have the perfect thing to wear!
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