Monday, September 5, 2011

Dork Face From Camp in 2007

More of my camp experience.  I like to think that all of the education I did before my debut paid off, even if I sounded like a giddy school girl when I was studying.

Back to Day Two

The afternoon of the second day of camp was warm enough for me to take a shower. I still wasn't acclimated to Washington weather when I left. Mornings were too darn cold for anything less than long pants and a sweater, and our shower pavilion was outside.

After I was nice and clean, I put on my pasties and some frilly knickers. Other girls started putting on pasties, and then it was the perfect time for tassel twirling class. I'd learned a little about tassel twirling from Miss Indigo Blue's lesson on Princess Farhana's burlesque DVD. This was a thorough hatting on twirling. I learned how to make them go one direction, how to spin from inside to outside, from outside to inside, and even how to make one spin at a time. It was awesome!

To those of you potential twirlers out there, this will build up your shoulder muscles. The trick is to not look down while you're twirling or you'll get a double chin, kind of like I did while I was trying to angle the camera for a photo. You can see my black tassel going in the photo.

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