Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prison Showers From Camp in 2007

I was a Girl Scout and we had showers at camp but I never took one.  I preferred being smelly to risking cold water and an abundance of spiders.  Here's a little more from my burlesque camp experience in 2007.  (I didn't post the naked photos of several of us in the shower at once out of respect for the other people in the photos.  Not all of them are used to being naked on the internet.)

Camp Showers

When I was a Girl Scout, we never used the showers at camp because they were just plain scary. When we'd walk past them, someone who had never been to camp before but knew someone who had would tell stories about the horrible poisonous spiders that infested the cold water only showers. I never verified any of this because it sounded too horrible. The showers may have been spider-free and had plenty of hot water.

At this camp, I had to shower. I spent my Thursday in airplanes and airports and I really needed to be clean. We were staying on someone's private property, so I had no idea what the showers would be like. For all I knew, they were sheets of plastic surrounding a suspended garden hose.

Alas, I was wrong. The showers were in an outdoor almost room on a hardwood deck. There was plenty of hot water because there was a small hot water heater nearby. There was a giant tub sink and two mirrors for grooming just outside of the shower. Plastic stair steps for sitting or leaning and shaving, metal soap holders and a detachable shower head made up these luxurious outdoor showers. What was really great was that there was so much shrubbery between this property and the next that there was no problem grooming on the deck and wandering back to one's accommodations in a state of partial (or complete) undress.

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