Friday, April 27, 2012

My Final Reveal: A Bit of Brilliance

The past 24 hours have absolutely sucked. I mean totally, utterly sucked. Actually, let's add a few more days to that suckage retroactively.  I've had so many stupid timesucks and drains on my financial resources this week that I'm losing my mind.  (Trust me, this is all relevant.)

Monday was spent replacing our refrigerator instead of picking up costume finishing supplies (which I did yesterday). Last night I dealt with my screwy camera phone and our power issues, hijacking the time I intended to use to cut and sew my panty and final panel. Today was a bit of a nightmare compared to most days at the ol' day job. We were scheduled to review a play tonight, but the lack of clean laundry, installation of our new modem, and my panty needs trumped the play.  I've rented a studio for tomorrow morning so I can work the entire number (and costume) in front of a mirror.  I have to make a panty and add more magnets (glad I bought extras) to my yoke and fifty other tiny things.

The relevance of my tale: something will always come up. If I hadn't started this costume back in September and worked on it steadily since then, this week's setbacks would have left me with a horribly incomplete costume. I'd be depressed, uninspired, and stuck performing an old number this Sunday instead of this one. Steady wins the race.

When the world gets in the way and you have to problem solve creatively, some fantastic gems can come from all that pressure. In the photo you can see my washer solution. I didn't want to worsen the ol' carpal tunnel or risk a rigging that resulted in torn fabric. I also wanted something that looked finished. I glued each washer in a bit of ribbon and let them sit overnight. I spent 20 minutes today gluing four of these ribbon-covered washers on the top of each of the three completed panels. I used craft glue to stick them to the underside of each panel to minimize the potential for tearing the panels (I hope). They look so much better than the bare washers. They also won't clink together when I drop each panel.

And now it's back to the old grind.

Total spent so far: $387.93 and 106:15

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