Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Final Reveal: Sunday With the Snappers

Since last night's blog I've put in seven and a half hours on my costume.  Most of the time was spent rhinestoning the snapper on the rear of the yoke.  The photo doesn't really do it justice.  The hotfix tool takes some time to use, but I spent the entire day using it with my left hand.  I left the tool at home when I went to rehearsal for Rumpus Revue in the middle of the day; I took the larger stones and some toxic, toxic E-6000 with me instead.  I'm not getting stoned from the hotfix glue, so I consider that a win.

When I couldn't rhinestone any more for the evening, I worked on the rear panel of my skirt.  The rear panel consists of five gathered panels that are attached together at the top.  I stitched grosgrain ribbon around the top of the panels.  I did this because: 1) I don't want the gathered edge to pop open the first time it gets any torque; 2) I may or may not want to remove the rear panel in future; and 3) it makes completion of the yoke embellishments and future repairs easier.  I'm going to attach snaps to the grosgrain ribbon and to the yoke for the rear panel.  I haven't decided what to use on the sides and front, but I want to avoid velcro because it will snag on the panels.

While I was stoning my eyes out, Andrew determined the best paint and best technique for the fancy side panels. He covered the template with wax paper so the paint wouldn't stick to it.  He's spent a couple patient hours working on half of one panel.  There are four to paint and each takes time to dry.  He's an angel.

Doodlebug wasn't excited about me spending most of the day at my sewing table.  Instead of trying to manage a 50 lb. dog in my lap while using the hotfix tool, Andrew set up an armchair near my sewing table.  That allowed her to sleep near me, making rhinestoning a bit of a pack activity.

Total spent so far: $331.22 and 38:05.

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