Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Final Reveal: New Eyes

Word to the wise: the end of a project is where you will stop caring about how much you spend.  You just want to get the project done and have it look as awesome as possible.

I had to replace the eyes on my snappers last night.  The black stones were too jarring with the other colors in the costume.  Andrew went out at lunch yesterday and picked up some blue stones, crystal AB stones, and some pear-shaped stones for eye replacements.  I went with blue on the yoke, but the tiny pear stones were too big for the eyes on the bra snappers.  I instead used some blue stones I purchased early on this project for those eyes.  He spent $5.44 on stones, most of which I won't use for this project.  (He also finished the edge on my very last panel yesterday afternoon.  He's a keeper.)

I spent last night gluing more magnets to my yoke after testing the washers.  I also made my panty from scratch; my perfect thong pattern is missing so I had to use another panty as a pattern.  I also sorted out my under panel and the top drape for the panty.  And I topped off the evening with a trip to the Sprinkles ATM.

Total spent so far: $393.37 and 109:05

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