Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Final Reveal: Let's Get Fabulous!

Today was a very productive day for me.  Things were delightfully quiet at the ol' day job, allowing me lots of time to put snaps on my front skirt panel and to rhinestone like a crazy person.  I'm hoping I can finish the front snapper on the yoke tomorrow.  We'll see if Good Friday is good to my costume production.

This evening I did a priming coat on my pasties so they work the way I want.  (I'm making special pasties for my costume, a bit different from the standard fare I sell on tour.)  I also got a nice chunk of my half panel painted.  Andrew took over on the painting, having picked up another bottle of paint for me.  I tried on the panel skirt (side panels still in progress) and Andrew helped me mark them so I could trim them.  In the photos you can see Buster (green ball) and Doodlebug wearing the panel trimmings.  I took a short break to tie them up with bows made from the trimmings, then to play tug-of-war with the trimmings.  Good times.

I always make these to-do lists and I don't get them completed.  I had much more in mind for today's activities.  With the debut of this number next weekend and travel the following weekend, I have plenty of distractions to derail me.  I hope this weekend I get it all done and have a chance to catch a movie.

Total so far: $334.96 and 56:50

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