Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Final Reveal: Tengo Dos

Last night when I got home from work and today between projects, I painted.  I finished the edge work of the second panel and started on the third.  We were going to buy another bottle of paint downtown this morning, but the craft store was all out of the paint we needed so I'm hunting for paint again tomorrow.  We did pick up a second package of brushes.  This meant Andrew could help me finish painting half a panel very late this evening.  It's nice being able to work on something together, and it makes the tedium more tolerable.  Of course, his painting lines are far prettier; my left-handed work is still a little uneven.  The brushes were $5.  We had to get the multi-pack so we'd have two of the exact same size.

I spent a few minutes today doing additional shopping for this act.  I looked for panties that could hold the underpanel, but I couldn't find anything study enough.  I also have to be sure whatever panties I wear cover 1" width of my buttcrack so they're compliant with the local law when I travel.  I'm going to have to make some panties from a pattern I drafted last year.  Looks like I'm hitting the fabric store tomorrow as well.  I did find a wonderful cardboard jewelry box for $1.19 at my regular rhinestone store downtown.  It's the perfect case for my pasties, keeping me from losing stones from poor storage.  I bought a second box for my other pasties of the same style.

After substitute teaching a burlesque class this afternoon, I came home and tested the Heat & Bond.  It's times like this that I'm really glad we have two irons: one for regular use and one that I ruined crafting.  I tested the Heat & Bond on a fabric sample similar to the bra fabric and on a scrap of the fabric I want to use to cover the bra.  The bond is pretty amazing and nothing scorched so I was ready to go for it.  I fastened my bra around the ironing board (gotta have it stretched out so it fits later), and I started pressing on the Heat & Bond.  The bra fabric is a little more melty than the test fabric, so I got more scorched crap on my crafty iron.  I grabbed a pressing cloth to finish the initial bond on the bra back.  Since I didn't have a problem with the heat on the covering fabric, I went without the pressing cloth.  For whatever reason, the scorched crafty nasties that didn't melt off the iron and onto the pressing cloth got on parts of the covering fabric.  Crap.  I tried to keep everything nice and neat and still had an ironing incident.  On the bright side, the bra still fits after using the Heat & Bond.  I've also got to embellish the bra back so some of those scuzzy spots will be covered.

Total so far: $345.93 and 82:25

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