Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Final Reveal: Boring Ol' Basting

I have a wonderful sewing machine, on which I can hem dresses.  The problem is that I have to baste the hem before machine hemming so it turns out pretty.  Both the outer dress and the lining are slippery fabrics, making basting an absolute necessity.  I spent two hours basting both hems with my left, less dextrous hand.  I used pink thread so it's easier for me to locate and remove the basting when the machine stitching is done.

I want to share a little more about the design painting process because I don't know if I've really explained it in my prior posts.  I took the enlarged design and put it on tracing paper, copying a pattern long enough for the top to bottom of each panel.  Andrew then taped wax paper together to put between the tracing paper and the net.  (We learned a lesson for the next project; the wax paper isn't as non-stick as we expected.  Next time we'll use plastic sheeting or saran wrap.)  Andrew secured the design, wax paper and net to a large piece of cardboard with clothespins.  Then we used small portions of fabric paint and a paint brush on the design.  It takes a lot longer for me to use my left hand, but I am able to paint with either hand because the design is crazy but the lines are simple.

Something that made the tedium of basting more bearable was wearing my new Hoodie Footie pajamas.  The dogs absolutely love them.  They're really comfy, and I think they make the simplest things a little more hilarious.

Tomorrow night I machine hem the gown and lining, and maybe get around to my Heat Bond experiment on the bra.

Total so far: $339.74 and 74:40

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