Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Final Reveal: Look Deep Into My Pasties

I was so exhausted that I went to bed last night before sharing my costume progress for the day!  I got a little more than ten hours sleep, so I must've needed it.

My morning was spent rhinestoning the snapper and reading, with two hours spent just with the hotfix tool.  (I accidentally left it on with a stone heating overnight on Thursday.  No fire, but the glue on the stone had turned brown.  It's about as hot as a curling iron.)  I then spent thirty minutes between hotfixing rhinestones on the yoke and gluing stones on the pasties.  The stones are actually jonquil AB, but they photographed amber.  I have a little more to do and they'll be finished.

The boys (Snapper & Buddy) had a little change of plans come up, so now the debut is postponed until the end of this month.  Never fear, dear reader, as I will be busting ass as ever to finish this costume.  All it really meant for me in the schedule department was that I was able to sleep ten hours last night and that I might be able to do some leisurely evening activity with the husband this weekend.  It will be nice to leave the house for something other than work or supply shopping.

Today I'll finish the pasties, finish the yoke stones, finish painting the half panel, and maybe go buy some magnets to try out on the skirt.

Total so far: $334.96 and 59:20

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