Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Final Reveal: What's a Weekend?

Between yesterday and today, I've put in ten hours and fifty minutes on my costume.  Yesterday I finished my pasties, finished the half panel, purchased and painted washers and magnets ($4.80) for the removable side panels.  I was so exhausted when my head hit the pillow that I was out like a light.

Today I rhinestoned and attached part of the front overlay (more details on that in a moment), finished the snapper on the skirt yoke, and painted on another panel.  Andrew has been so helpful and dedicated in helping me paint these panels with this crazy ass design.  He's been incredible.

The front overlay and half panel are fixes for a design flaw.  You see, when I decided to make this gown last year, I just wanted to make the gown.  I didn't consider what I'd wear beneath it.  I got a free bra and it worked well enough under the gown.  But alas, I remembered during a fitting that I need supportive straps on my bras.  (The bra for mega costume inches down my ribs as soon as I take off the corset.  The gene pool was too kind to my front section, so I have to have support.)  I was going to make some weird halter  or asymmetrical strap to keep the bra up, but I couldn't figure out a way to make it look pretty.  After grousing about my problem ("oh my boobs are big for my frame wah"), I decided to use clear elastic to get some straps on the bra.  I also noticed that the bodice didn't sit quite like it did on the pattern, and you could see the peek of my bra out the top side.  So I created an overlay that I rhinestoned and attached to the front of the bodice today.  (I had a photo, but I still haven't called about the problem with my phone.  The photo was really screwy.)  The half panel will attach just inside the bodice on the front side with the fully exposed shoulder, draping over my shoulder to hide the clear strap.  Neither will get in the way of my side zipper escape.  It's added work, but it solves my problem.

After all these hours, I settled down for a nice homemade mai tai, complete with gummy dinosaur garnish.  I have to figure out what pieces I can pack up for down time at the office.  So much to do to make it great.

Total so far: $339.74 and 70:10

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