Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Final Reveal: Into the Stretch

We got home Sunday evening after a wonderful mini-tour to Arkansas and did nothing.  My plan for Monday was to pick up supplies to make panties and the panty panel, but our refrigerator gave out and I had to get a replacement.  That took all day.  Bright side: I bought a replacement fridge with stripper money, it's a beautiful used fridge, and I did spend four hours painting.  I was able to finish the third panel and paint half of the final panel as we waited for the refrigerator scavenger and refrigerator delivery guy to show up.  (Speaking of scavenging, I cut open my second bottle of gold paint and painted a significant amount with the paint that coated the inside of the bottle.  Waste not, want not, right?)

I spent part of my morning and part of my afternoon painting, getting through another chunk of the final panel in two and a half hours.  I had my little friend, Buster, (Bussy) trying to claw his way up my body while I painted.  He missed us greatly while we were out of town.  If I could've painted with him on one hip like a toddler, he would've been happy as a clam.

I did a dry run in my costume this evening and made note of some of the little costume things I have to do.  I have some finishing touches to put on the bra and gown, magnets and washers for the panels, snapper eyes to replace, and the panty problem remaining.

I know the hand-painted panels have taken hours and hours and hours.  If the costume wasn't painted, there would be some other embellishment that would take up that time.  I don't even know how many hours I spent painting, rhinestoning and hand beading mega costume.

Total so far: $349.19 and 98:55

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