Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Final Reveal: Carpal Tunnel Be Damned!

I've been stoning with my left hand almost exclusively, giving my pesky right hand a break from the work in hopes I could avoid the ol' carpal tunnel inflammation.  (My doctor said he'd prescribe physical therapy if it gets to be too bad.  Yikes.)  I try to do everything I can with my left hand, even if its development is pre-kindergarten.

Tonight presented some problems for my aspiring ambidexterity.  I had to finish adding the snaps on the inside back of the yoke and on the rear panel since I didn't have time at the office.  (I had an afternoon full of office work.)  Lefty doesn't have the strength to push the needle through several layers of fabric and ribbon, so I had to pass part of the task to my right hand.  I had to replace the stones that popped off while I was sewing on snaps, using the faster but more toxic E-6000 method with a toothpick.  That required the use of my right hand.  I've learned to sew the yoke snaps before embellishing.  At least I can implement my lesson on the front of the yoke so I didn't learn too late.

I made an adjustment to the snapper design when Andrew said it could use a longer snout.  I picked off the rhinestones and rearranged them, all with the help of E-6000.  I'm glad I have the hotfix tool, but it's more useful for a leisurely afternoon of rhinestoning, not cranking out a costume.  (I am taking the tool to work with me tomorrow in hopes that its glue melting cycle will time out nicely with my office tasks.)  The hotfix tool is also less toxic.  We'll see if I manage to get the whole front snapper done tomorrow.

My left hand was employed again when I gathered the front panels for the skirt.  They are wonderfully voluminous.  My goal for tomorrow morning is to attach the yoke snaps before embellishing.  My hope is that I regain some feeling in my right hand before I start my Wednesday tasks.

Andrew is two-thirds of the way through painting one of four and a half panels.  The process takes a while because the design is so psychotic.  He also started a loaf of bread while we both worked on the costume tonight, so I can't complain.

The further I get with the costume, the more I love it.  I'm trying to up my game, and I think it's working.  This will be lovely when I finish.

Total so far: $331.22 and 46:35

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