Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Final Reveal: If I Had an Intern

If I had an intern,
Daidle deedle daidle daidle daidle deedle daidle dum
All day long I’d get so much stuff done
If I had an intern

Today was the day that I yearned for an intern.  Penny Starr, Jr. brilliantly employs interns on her many projects.  I’ve interned for her in the past when I was between jobs, and I recognize the brilliance of having an intern.  You pay them more than it might cost you to do something yourself (or you work it out in trade), and you get to spend your time doing things that no one else can do but you.

Finishing work takes time.  I don’t want to go on the stage with a half-finished costume, something without a hem and with things glued on that should be stitched.  I spent an hour and a half finishing the ends of the bra covering and attaching a skirt hook and bar.  That’s an hour and a half of boring ass hand stitching that someone else could easily do.  (Fortunately I have the kind of day job that has down time that’s perfect for that sort of crap.)

An intern also would’ve been useful in driving around and picking up stuff for me.  I’ve done intern work like that.  I spent fifty minutes in pursuit of last minute supplies.  Of course, I would’ve sent an intern to Wal-Mart in search of another package of ceramic magnets like I bought a few weeks ago; chances are that they haven’t restocked since my visit.  Because I had to do it myself, I figured out that I could probably get magnets at Lowe’s.  I also had a brilliant idea on my drive downtown for the panel washers.  Had I sent an intern, I might not have reached the right frame of mind at this point in the process to have such a brilliant solution.

I had to spend money today, something that seems to put me in a bit of a cranky mood at times.  I spent $7.75 on magnets and washers, making sure I bought slightly more than I thought I needed so I wouldn’t get caught out when it eventually would take more than I had.  I spent $30.99 on fabric for panties and panels, spending more than would’ve been necessary earlier in the process.  Since I won’t have time to go downtown again before Sunday, I had to buy a few options.  The net cost twice as much as it did at another shop downtown, but I met the parking validation minimum for this store so I can’t really complain.

With the other 2:25 I put in today, I finished painting the final panel and got the edge done on half of the incomplete panel.  (Andrew helped by taking over when I called Verizon tech support about my funky photos.  Bad SD card.  Who knew?)  I also replaced the hot fix stones I knocked off the yoke, took fingernail polish to the exposed bra closure, glued some mega magnets to the yoke, and had some brilliance with washers.  I didn’t want to stitch the washers to the panels because they might tear through.  I bought 1” wide grosgrain ribbon, cut it into small strips, and glued those to the front and rear of each washer.  I can now stitch or glue them to the panels, and they don’t look like they’re straight from a hardware store.

Friday I get to put washers on the panels, finish the final edge of the last panel, cut a panty and under panel, press the hem of the gown, and tack some net to the front of the gown.

Total spent so far: $387.93 and 105:55

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