Monday, April 2, 2012

My Final Reveal: Multitasking FTW

I took my tool to work and squeezed in 45 minutes of rhinestoning over lunch.  Of course, most of that time was replacing the stones that fell off in the ziploc bag between my house and the office.  (I think my earliest stoning was done so "quickly" that I didn't give the glue enough time to really get melty.  I'm going to have to take an iron to the inside of the yoke when I'm done with this side, just to be sure everything is set.  I don't mind replacing a stone here and there, but it's excessive right now.  I was finally getting my stride after that 45 minute chunk and I didn't want to stop.  I did, however, have office work that needed to be done.  I decided to load a stone onto the tool, do an office task (like seal a few envelopes), then place the stone.  I spent 45 minutes on stoning out of an hour and a half after lunch.

I spent two and a half hours after I got home working on the rhinestoning, and I'm still not finished with the first large snapper!  (I had a photo I was going to share, but the upload from my phone was totally wonky.)  At home I was able to multitask with other things as I waited for the glue to melt.  I managed to attach a few snaps to the rear skirt panel before my right hand cramped up from the sewing.  I have to finish the snaps, this snapper and start the next snapper tomorrow.

I still have a list of tasks to complete before the costume is ready for the debut.  I wonder if Heat Bond will work to attach satin to a bra, or if the heat required will be too much and will melt the fabric or the bra.

Total so far: $331.22 and 42:05

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