Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Final Reveal: Blinding Crotch & Touch Ups

I took care of a small task before my studio time this morning. I gathered the tops of my fancy panels. I also trimmed up the bottom of the fancy panels so they wouldn't drag. I discovered during rehearsal that I need to add a few more magnets and secure the panel gathers on my machine.

My rehearsal went really well. I found a great place to play with my under panel, necessitating some thong embellishment.  My studio time ended, so I rhinestoned my thong during Snapper Buddy rehearsal.  I also took care of the finishing crotch stitching. The gem pattern matches my pasties.

Working in the entire costume, I found a few things to tidy up this afternoon. I'm very pleased with how the costume works.

Total spent so far: $393.37 and 111:50

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