Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Final Reveal: Embellishing Like Mad

Between yesterday and today, I spent five hours working on this costume.  When I looked at the time, it didn't quite seem right because it doesn't seem like I got much done.  I didn't.  Well, not as much as I got done in the same amount of time at the beginning of the process.

I got most of the bra snapper stoning done, painting on the edges of the third panel as the glue heated.  I'm going to drop a few jonquil stones on the lower net of the bra to tie the colors in a bit better.  I was going to rhinestone the inside of the bra snappers to give better definition, but the stones were too big.  I tried using the glitter paint to give the feet claws, but the brush was too wide.  I made a bold move and painted the inside of the snappers with the glitter paint, giving it a light glaze.  I still need to get some fresh eyes for the bra snappers.  I worked on both until well after midnight.  Not the best idea when I have some touring in a couple days.

Today I hit Joann Fabrics in search of supplies.  I needed fabric for panties and fabric for the panty panel -- fail.  I also needed more washers and magnets -- fail.  I did manage to pick up another bottle of glitter paint, spending $3.26 more on this project.  Then I finished painting one edge of the third panel.

I travel Thursday so I'm off this costume until I return home.  Since I'm not teaching in Memphis this weekend, I changed my flight to give myself time to get the last supplies I need to finish this costume.

Total so far: $349.19 and 92:25

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