Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sewing September - Day 10

I did no sewing yesterday. Absolutely none. I left my day job and zipped off to the Hollywood Bowl to see a presentation of Gustov Holtz's The Planets, then got home late to get less than five hours sleep. Meh.

I had to stop sewing tonight at 9pm, but more on that shortly. I bested the shoulder seams that gave me fits, machine stitching through the basted areas, serging and topstitching. I also stitched and serged the side seams before quitting time. I should have it finished Saturday morning, spending tomorrow night on my grommets for the corset.

Wearing my sewing goggles and Batman jammies under the incomplete cardigan.
Friday we're on deck to participate in a game show. There's a lot I can't say yet, but I can say we aren't guaranteed screen time just because we show up. I can say we've been familiarizing ourselves with pop culture in hopes that makes us better at playing the game. I can say that if we win it would be incredible, but I don't want to put too many eggs in that basket. I can say I had to pick outfits that didn't show cleavage. I can say that our Friday will be very long and busy, and that we're focusing on resting up so we don't play the game like idiots and fail to entertain because we're so tired. I may not be able to say much more than that for a while, but I will share what I can when I am permitted.

My point is that there won't be a lot of sewing tomorrow or Friday, but I'll pick it back up in full force on Saturday.

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