Sunday, September 21, 2014

When Your Brother CS6000i Throws Shade

I noticed a lack of information on the error code F4 this morning when I discovered it on my machine this morning. Since I recommend the Brother CS6000i to people who want a nice machine for a reasonable price, I feel it's my responsibility to share what I've learned about this error code.

If you read my blog about my derailed sewing plans for today, you know that my baby dog pulled the pedal from my machine. My husband tried bending the plug back into place so I could use it. I was concerned by the F4 code that she actually caused internal damage to the machine based on that information.

The nearest authorized service center is in the San Fernando Valley. That's way the hell out of my way. I was willing to pay up to a certain dollar amount to get it checked out next Saturday, but I was prepared to purchase a replacement machine to save myself the hassle of arranging two trips to and from the Valley to get it fixed. (The machine manual recommends to call an authorized service center if you get any F codes.) Andrew is just as tenacious as me, so he obsessively combed the internet for a solution. If we could get out of spending much money and/or going to the Valley, he was willing to do whatever he could.

The F4 code meant the foot pedal was not properly connected to the machine. This was consistent with the baby dog shenanigans. There either had to be something wrong inside the machine at the point of connection, or the pedal plug was damaged. He turned the machine on without the pedal and there was no error code, which indicated that it was indeed the pedal plug. A little trolling on eBay provided a replacement pedal for under $30 and no trip to the Valley.

You know I'll be picking up my pedal when I leave my machine unsupervised so there are no more baby dog shenanigans with it.

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