Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sewing September - Day 6

I don't love basting. I don't love it at all. Not at all. I recognize the necessity of basting, but I do not love it.

My cardigan is not finished.  In fact, I have to pick out some seams tomorrow and finagle my way around a curious hole in the fabric because of the complicated neckline of the cardigan. You know what makes it so complicated? I failed to do one tiny thing they listed in that clump of instructions. I didn't baste. Basting appeared so unimportant on this pattern that they didn't even capitalize the first letter of 'baste,' and they didn't give it its own number in the instructions. This fabric is so damn stretchy that it needs to be basted. If you decide to make this cardigan, read through your instructions first and highlight that tiny note to baste.

Today was not an epic sewing failure, despite the cardigan issue. I started the morning by working on a Craftsy bag that has lots of pieces. Then I worked on a couple Doodle appliques for my quilt.

Not a cardigan, but projects in progress.

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