Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sewing September - Day 2

Simple and practical
I knew that I would have a busy day, so I picked a short but sweet project for today. This is the headband that I mentioned in yesterday's blog. It was very simple, and would be very easy for you to try at home.

I used a 20" x 4" strip of knit fabric. With roughly 1/4" seam allowance, I stitched the fabric into a tube. I turned the tube inside out and pressed the tube. I folded one and inside the tube by roughly 1/4". I slid the raw end inside the folded end of the tube. I used a little bit of stitch which and some steam to secure the end, making it easier for me to topstitch. I stitched very close to the fold line and again slightly farther away. Headband done within 20 minutes.

Tomorrow will be another busy day, so I plan to cut coutil for a corset and tackle another sewing project with my LilyPad kit. Thursday may just be another cardigan.
Raw end tucked inside the folded end.

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