Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sewing September - Day 17

As my cardigan gathers dust on my ironing board, I take on a new project. (It's not really gathering dust. More precisely, it's gathering papers and projects because I'm terrible with flat surfaces and I fill them with projects. My ironing board is half craft table, half ironing surface.)

There are wonderful things about working with the same people and the same patterns over and over. I'm making a corset for my sister for the Harvest Music Festival in October. She's spinning poi and probably doing some other hippie performing arts (like fire fans and hoop and stuff I can't do). Her group is doing themed costumes, and she decided she wants an underbust corset. I made another for her earlier this year for fun.

Since I have the pattern for her underbust corset on file and I've made this particular style a few times, I cut and assembled the sides within 30 minutes. I have to get more coutil and a busk before I finish each half, but I might just drop in the waist tape with room at the ends and put in some boning channels before I have the rest of the supplies.

I asked her to send me canvas for the shell. This stuff is dreamy on the machine.

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