Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sewing September - Day 3

Today was another very busy day so I had to make an effort to work in my sewing projects.

First up, I did some stitching on my latest LilyPad learning project. The LilyPad Kit is incredible. I'm hand stitching with conductive thread, learning how to create a button for wiring. I'm getting this knowledge under my belt so I can really soup up my new costume.

Then I cut a new corset. I'm performing one of Lili vonSchtupp's numbers in just under two weeks, and I don't have a black corset to go with the other costume bits. I'm building a single layer corset with a zipper instead of a busk, so I figure I'll have it finished within a week. I cut the corset today, but I won't be stitching it until tomorrow.

I photocopy my corset pattern pieces so I can alter them. (I prefer working from existing patterns whenever possible because it saves me time. I'll only reinvent the wheel if I must.) You can see in the photo where I reshaped the top of the overbust pattern to create an underbust shape. I'll bag up these pattern pieces, mark the bag, and keep them in my drawer of individual corset patterns so I can pull them out the next time I need to make a longline underbust corset.

Copies of patterns are easier to alter.

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