Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sewing September - Day 21

I wrote out my sewing plan for today before I went to bed last night. I was going to finish that pesky cardigan and put the waist tape and boning channels in the finished parts of my sister's corset shell.  I had plans to get more work done on the fancy storage bag project I'm doing via Craftsy. I got up and my sewing machine wasn't working.

Let me back up. My beloved Coca Carter was running through the house when I was away last week. If it's me reading the signs, I'd say she got caught on my sewing machine's foot pedal and yanked it out of the machine in order to get free. She knocked several things from my sewing table onto the floor and bent the plug for my foot pedal. I haven't tried using the machine since.

The error code my machine was giving indicated it needed to go to an expert, which meant I had to switch to the simpler machine this morning. The simpler machine is great, but it doesn't have the free arm table and isn't as easy to change the bobbin. This altered my plans for the day. (I'll post another blog about troubleshooting the error code.)

I did get the work done on my sister's corset and some of the work done on the storage bag. I had to quit on the storage bag because the next part requires multiple thread and bobbin changes. Too much hassle for this machine. I'll finish that pesky cardigan when the troubled machine is back up and running.

Corset fixings and part of the storage bag.

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