Friday, September 26, 2014

Sewing September - Day 25

My Thursday was a bit packed. My husband and I started our own social media company because we dig storytelling, problem solving, and being able to help people achieve their goals.While we get enough clients to focus on doing social media "full time," we're working on that in the hours we aren't at day jobs and aren't working on burlesque stuff. I'm also enrolled in three online courses (not Craftsy) that all have deadlines, so I'm spreading myself thinner than usual ... maybe. My excuse for not getting much sewing done last night was the new new job and a hot minute of actual social time.

I still got something done. I cut the panels for a panel skirt to be attached to a corset I made a few months ago. I was going to perform a number in that corset with a regular skirt, but I wound up with anemia, had to cancel the gig on doctor's orders, and didn't get to perform in the corset. Time passed, I found the perfect fabric for my panels, and I decided to change up the choreo. I think I may attach some of the panels with buttons and others with velcro. We'll see what comes to pass.

I love how this looks.
My goal for the weekend is to finish assembling the corset, serge all the skirt panels, finish that pesky cardigan, do a fancy t-shirt hack, and turn a lab coat into a dress. Let's see if that happens.

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