Friday, September 5, 2014

Sewing September - Day 4

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. I spent time at the job that pays my bills. As soon as I got home I had a Skype with my nephew about the online dinosaur class we're taking. That was followed immediately with a conference call about the game show that we'll be contestants on in a week or so. (No idea when the episode will air, and I don't think I can spill any beans about the outcome until the episode airs.) A quick jaunt around the block with the dogs, a speedy workout, and we darted out to a birthday party for a friend. I had very little down time for sewing yesterday.

Here is my button.
My sewing for the day was on my lesson for e-textiles. I had to make a button with felt and conductive thread, and stitch it together with non-conductive thread so I could test it out in a circuit. Pretty unromantic hand stitching there. It was sewing, so I'm counting it!

I finished the circuit today, which you will see below. Today is another busy day, so I'll post what I accomplished on the sewing front later tonight.

The weekend will hold some actual machine sewing. I can finally whip out the other cardigan, and I'm hoping to finish the underbust corset for Lili's number that I'm performing. I'm sure I'll be finishing up the tutorials with my LilyPad as well.

Look, Mom! I'm playing with electricity!

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