Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sewing September - Day 14

Bested the corset! Today I finished the assembly, so I'll show you how it all turned out. I rarely make single-layer corsets, so now is your chance to see the nuts and bolts.

I use fusible web to baste the waist tape and boning channels before I stitch them all in place. The waist tape floats between channels, meaning it's not stitched down on all edges. The boning channels were once intended for magnetic tape, but the supplier ordered more than they used so they sell it at a discount. If you use two layers of coutil, you don't need the boning channels. If you use a single layer of coutil, you can buy the discount channeling and have the print face the coutil; no one will be the wiser unless you spill the beans on the internet. ;) I'm not taking this off during a number, so it's an inside joke for me - "dangerous near a pacemaker."

Boning channels with built-in comedy.
Here is the front of the corset. I embellished it with some black stones to make the ebony panels in the back look a bit more intentional. (I had to use a filter so you could see the stones.) You might notice there is no facing behind the zipper. Since the piece isn't intended for removing on stage, I didn't bother with a facing. I have to loosen the lacing and take my time unzipping it so I don't catch my skin when I remove it.

Front view
The back doesn't have my standard modesty panel. I'm not removing it on stage. I also rarely wear black, so I didn't take the same care constructing this piece that I would a piece that I planned on wearing frequently. If I intended to use it regularly, I would add the modesty panel and the front facing. I would also get some thicker lacing cord because the paracord shifts pretty easy in the grommets. This will work for tomorrow. Since I had all of these supplies on hand in my house, I didn't go out of pocket for this piece.

You can barely tell what was once lavender in this light.
The reason I had to crank this out for Monday was to match Lili's silhouette when I perform her number in a tribute show tomorrow night.

I think I fill out her bra reasonably.
Monday may just be a little hand sewing. I'm hoping that Tuesday ends my wrestling with the cardigan.

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