Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sewing September - Day 16

I took yesterday off because I was too busy with work and the show to get anything done on the machine, and I didn't have any hand sewing projects to tote along with me. I did perform in my newly completed corset, and I drafted some schematics for the LEDs for my corset.

How is this damn cardigan still not done?!?!

I basted the stupid sleeves in place and machine stitched them in. It was then that I noticed I was almost out of gray thread. I thought that by bypassing the topstitching I would have enough thread to make it to the end.


It's probably for the best that I ran out. You see that jagged seam before the thread ran out? That's what happens when you sew knit on the bias when your sewing machine table is too small and you didn't let it hang overnight so everything drapes nicely before stitching.

This sucker won't be finished until I can get more gray thread. It seems like this project has been the bane of my September.

In the meantime, I am cutting the outside for a corset for my sister tomorrow. I may also cut the fabric for a Star Trek Hawaiian shirt. I think those will go much smoother.

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