Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 62/100 - Slimmons!

"I love Uncle Dicky's outfits, but my heart's desire is that he wears a spotty tank top and the classic stripey shorts of my youth." - me in the car on the way to class Saturday

I got my wish. Beloved and delightful "Uncle Dicky" arrived in a tank top embellished with little disco balls and the classic stripey shorts, and he wore sunglasses that would make the Elton John of my youth green with envy.

I took the motivational class before the workout class. As a dance teacher, there is a weight sensitivity for many students and I wanted to see how Richard worked with his baby chicks. (Note: I don't specifically address weight issues in my burlesque students, but I find many of my students are not satisfied with their current physical condition. Sometimes it comes up.) It's a wonderful class that will get you to look at what you're actually doing to achieve your body goals.

The workout class was packed, but Mr. Snapper and I still got a great workout. Our plan is to return every Saturday we are able. If you'd like to join us, shoot me an email via my website www.snapperburlesque.com.

Richard is a dear, generous, charismatic man. It made my day when he shouted in the middle of class, "Snapper, I love you!"
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