Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Final Reveal: Two Piece

I spent the morning stitching one side of the bodice closed and finishing the edges. I also put together the skirt and lining. My next step is to merge the two.

I have two curious problems at this stage of the process:

1) I have to figure out how to keep the bottom of the gown closed. I'm going to put a stripper zipper on the side. I want the gown to be able to fully open on that side, but I know there won't be enough tension at the bottom of the gown for me to successfully unzip it if I bought a really long zipper. I may have to at a pleated gusset or something at the bottom of the dress on the open edge.

2) Buster is getting used to being a showgirl's dog finally. He's discovered the joy of being under a gown. He loves the hems and the tent created by a long skirt. He also likes pawing his way under the skirt when I wrap it around myself to check the drape. He crawled into my lap to snuggle the skirt when I was basting. This is going to make my fittings interesting.

Total spent: 6 hours and $49.
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