Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 73/100 - "Thriller" Workshop with Kim Blank

I wanted to learn the "Thriller" choreography last year for fun (and I was trying to take ten dance classes a month), but I missed out.  When Jewel of Denial posted something online about this workshop with original "Thriller" video dancer Kim Blank, I signed up immediately.  I was delighted to find fellow dancer Cece Cum Laude in the class as well.

Kim is an amazing instructor.  The warm-up was short but fun, and she really knew how to break down the moves so we'd have a good time with them and understand them.  Sure, there were things I got wrong and steps I hadn't perfected in this 90-minute class, but I had a great time and worked off the brownies I made and ate the night before.

We ended the class with a zombie entrance followed by the choreography.  It was delightfully fun.  Some random student videoed the last few runs in the class so you may be able to find it online somehow.  I don't feel secure enough with the choreography to do it without rehearsing it more, but it was a 90-minute class and we learned the moves that the original dancers spent a week learning and perfecting.  I will continue to work on it.  You never know when someone will play the full version of "Thriller."

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