Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Final Reveal: Boning Didn't Help

Because my dress has a little bit of room and is something of an A-line, the zipper still buckles and looks strange on the side.  I hand stitched boning to one side of the zipper and there are still lumps and bumps.  I spent forty minutes on the boning and the rest of my evening and the next morning thinking about how to fix my problem.  (I didn't include think time in my total.)  I decided to buy two new zippers in different and shorter lengths and a handful of large snaps to address the area that won't be covered with the new zipper.  (Five minutes below is for my online shopping.)  I may just take the gown with me tomorrow to remove the zipper and boning.

My shoes arrived yesterday, a bit too dark and apparently a size too big.  I've graduated to a 7 in most shoes in my old age, finding the 6.5 too tight most of the time.  Not with this shoe!  While the silhouette is fantastic, they're too big.  I spent $5.90 to ship the shoes back for store credit.  Should have credit in a week or so.  I hope to get the same style of shoe but a bit smaller, and maybe in white so I can just paint them. I spent about five minutes at the post office to return the shoes.

Total so far: $106.21 and 9:50.

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  1. I take my dresses to a tailor downtown who is real cheap to do my zippers. I can do them but sometimes it quicker. He told me once he would not do a zipper down the side because if the material has any kind of stretch it will buckle down the side. For a side zipper it needs to not have any stretch.