Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 70/100 - Advanced Chair Dance with Lux LaCroix at BurlyCon 2011

Lux was one of my earliest teachers. She's an ass-kicker of a teacher, and this class was no exception. We worked on our core strength since we need a strong core for extensions with the chair. We also did some stuff that engaged my weary quads.

Lux has been a good source of advice for me re: dancer training and ballet in the past since she's been dancing for nearly as long as she's been alive. One particularly relevent bit of advice for me she gave in class today was about strengthening the arches of the foot. I took a ballet class earlier this year from a guy who gave me advice on stretches for the popping sound in my right foot, but the stretches don't necessarily improve the muscles. When I get home, I'm totally working out my feet with tennis balls.
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