Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Final Reveal: One Piece & Shopping

I spent another hour and a half attaching the skirt and stitching the bodice lining down over the weekend.  I also ordered a zipper from the ultimate zipper place in that time.  I held my iPod with color samples of zippers up to my gown to try to get a perfect match.

Last night I started the hunt for shoes.  I was confined to my home not feeling well, so I figured I'd use my downtime to cruise the internet for shoes.  I want some platform heels so I can get more of a Lili St. Cyr silhouette with this gown.  (Sure, I'm not that tall, blonde or thin, but I do want that statuesque elegance.)  I found the perfect sparkly shoes but they're not available in my size.  After an hour of hunting, I bid on a pair of shoes I can gussy up on eBay for $45.  It's a little expensive for me for show shoes.  We'll see if I win them.

Total so far: 8.5 hours and $49.

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