Friday, October 21, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 67/100 - Tassels, Assels & Anarchy with Jo Boobs at BurlyCon 2011

Funnily, this class took place in a lecture room. Jo addressed the sparse history of tassel twirling and how to add some musicality to the twirl. She gave a wonderful definition of musicality -- the music appearing to come from the performer.

We then spent a nice chunk of class twirling. The more experienced twirlers worked with the less experienced twirlers to pass along tricks and tips to improve technique. It was a very communal experience.

I skipped out on my last movement class of the day because I was so sore, tired and bruised from asseling on my knees. No treadmill for this girl tonight. I have five movement classes in my sights for tomorrow.
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