Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 72/100 - Raising the Bar in Striptease with Jo Boobs at BurlyCon 2011

This was my last class of the day. I had hoped to make it to a hair workshop, but I was very drained when I got to this class. Jo discussed how to improve the artistry in burlesque, to make acts more crisp, and to surprise and delight the audience. Jo is the perfect teacher for this because she loves striptease and has lots of experience as an exotic dancer.

After an hour of theory, the class got up to do some movement. I wasn't mentally present enough to fully participate in the class so I left early. My mind and body were gelatin. I needed a beer, some BBQ pork potstickers, and a chance to process all the information from the day.

This was also my last class of BurlyCon. We're flying home tomorrow morning to relieve dear Spy Kitten of her pupsitting responsibilites. I'm hopeful we can return next year. It is a brilliant convention.
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